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Hansen’s Cakes – Tradition & a Friendly Face

PHansen 1

I’d been by Hansen’s Cakes on Fairfax dozens of times, but I never stopped in until a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t in the market for a full on cake, but after lunching on Ethiopian food in the same block, we peeked in and saw their newish offering of cupcakes.

Kitty and I bought a red velvet cupcake for a buck and took it to a table in the corner of the shop to split it. Lighter in color than other red velvets I’ve had, it was a perfect match for the sweet but not cloying buttercream frosting on top. MMMM!

As we started to leave, I asked if I could take a photo of the mini-cupcakes that are for sale for just 50 cents each. This friendly guy was passing by behind the counter and stopped to dip into the shot.

We chatted a bit and I finally asked, “Are you Hansen?”

Yes, he is! He’s Patrick Hansen, the 7th generation of bakers in his family. I told him what a great idea the cupcakes were because it gave us a chance to sample informally. I warned him that he would show up on my blog in the next few weeks. He was cool with that. He writes a blog on the Hansen’s Cakes website.

We traded cards. He liked my Moo Cards. Natch! (I handed him the one with tulips on it.)

Mini Cupcakes

No, that’s not Patrick’s hand, silly! That’s a helpful staff member.


We wandered off down the street, feeling all happy about having such an upbeat conversation, and there was the Hansen’s Cakes showroom. Well! The place is filled with amazing cakes like this one. The walls are covered with photos of famous people who have sampled Hansen’s wares.

There was even a commendation from the City of Los Angeles that told how the first generation baked for the king of Denmark! Apparently, these fellows have baked for every president and every California governor for years. There was already an expression of gratitude from President Obama.


There were tables set up around the showroom, and people were sitting at them sampling cakes, talking to consultants and ordering. What a cool, unpretentious place.

If we weren’t on our way to The Museum of Jurassic Technology, I would have taken some cupcakes home for Hydra. Makes me want to have a party just so I can order a cake and share it with everyone!

If you’re in the area, you should really stop by for a cupcake.

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Join Us...

Plan A Baby...and Event for Moms-to-be, this Sunday, October 18, 2009, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
Here's a little tip: If you pre-register online and use this special code, "HANSENCAKES",
You will receive $10. off admission!
This code is only good for pre-registration. Yes, there will be fresh Hansen's cake for you to enjoy.
Scrumptious fun for mom!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The NEW Counter!!!

Check it out! This is the new counter, filled with colorful, tempting Hansen's Cupcakes (and a couple of last-minute cakes that are good-to-go!)

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Pier del Sol 2009

Pier del Sol 2009!
This Sunday, we've been asked to take part in the Special Olympics Southern California's 40 Birthday Bash Cake Contest! A host of celebrity judges will be on hand to determine which talented So.Cal. bakery can come up with the most delicious and definitive Birthday Cake design...First Lady of California, Maria Shriver is the driving force behind this empowering organization (we just love her!!) We'll have photos of our entry as soon as we finish it up!
The event takes place this Sunday, October 4th at the Santa Monica Pier, and have myriad media representives filming away.
Who's competitive? WE ARE!!!! (all for a good cause!)