Saturday, September 27, 2008


Budgets can easily be accommodated here with a little creative thinking. This client brought in her own figures for us to place on a colorfully dotted design!
Speaking of dots...Pam went to town making this simple pink with black accented design.

Chino was for the birds this morning...a macaw in the sunset is going to make for a sweet dessert!
A simple swirled pattern makes this "E" more elegant....

...and a group of singers are going to enjoy a delicious treat!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 26, 2008


The warmth rfrom the blazing ovens filled the entire bakery with a comforting blanket of heat this morning. The air was saturated with the scent of the rising cupcakes slowing cooking to their golden loveliness, as the bakery boys got to it.

Robin happily ices dozens upon dozens of fresh cakes each day. He always has a pleasant smile for whoever passes his way!
Our hard working baker, Alejandro, is also one of the friendliest people you'll meet. The scent of fresh baked cake always surrounds him (better than any cologne!)
Rene was in charge of adding the fresh fruit to today's orders. He carefully washed and sliced up the juicy strawberries and added the bananas to this order.

Truly scrumptious!

Then, we couldn't resist showing you this gold-splattered gift box cake. How'd you like to unwrap this present!

Hansen's Cakes alum Donna insisted that we show you her "Game Night" cake from the other day, featuring the streets of West Hollywood. She is one of our biggest cheerleaders!

Photos, Yo...

The Hollywood Underground Bridal Runway Show, featuring a fresh fashion cavalcade of cutting edge gowns by designer Deborah La Franchi, took place last night. Literally underground; the event was staged in the oh-so-cool-graffiti'd parking garage...amazing!
The venue, The Hollywood, has to be the sleekest modern structure that we've seen; tastefully appointed with magnificent architectural features, the units were very fairly priced and offer appealing amenities and neighborhood convenience.

We brought enough cake to feed an entire wedding party (of course) and we have to say, it went over very well!
We allowed the building to take our 1/2 sheet marble cake w/tiramisu filling up to the penthouse loft (they were showing units during the event) and we kept our rad guitar and whimsical beveled cake down with us in the staging area.
Here are some pics from our fellow vendors...

Beautiful blooms...
Delicately dangling...
Oh, here's our table again. Loads of views for yous....

We got an especially good response from our electric guitar grooms cake. The cakes we brought last night were 100% cake (no models this time,) and people were really surprised at our not using fondant on everything. "How can you get it so smooth without using fondant" was heard over and again. "Easy," we answered..."We have the smoothest icing in the world!"
Our dear friend Paul took the cake...really. The top tier of our creation coordinated so perfectly with his ensemble (even the inside of the cake matched!) Our buddy Michael (Willms) was clever enough to find a box to house the tier for Paul.
(Bravo, Michael!)
The event caterer made some unusual (and delicious) treats which were passed around throughout the event. These Canneles Bordelais were carmel-icious...
...but the biggest snackage hit were the jumbo prawn "corn dogs" in wasabi. There was an audible cry of anguish heard from the corner of the garage when one of the guests inadvertently dropped one of these delicacies...fortunately, there was plenty more going around!
All in all, we had a fun time hangin' with the crowd underground.
Big thanks to event organizer Liz Coopersmith of Silver Charm Events!

In the end, many fabulous prizes were raffled off, including a custom wedding gown, an event planner package, and the use of the venue for a future event.

Good times!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Day...

Good morning! It is now 7:27 on Thursday, and look what we've already done!
Gina got an early start on one of her Cinderella Storybook specialties...each time she creates one of these intricate designs, we have to stop and admire it! The fore-edge gold leafing on the open "book" pages is such a nice touch.
Our castle cakes have become quite the coveted birthday party centerpiece over the years. In fact, Disney had us make an extra-spectacular version for them years ago when they opened their park in Paris. Sitting atop a mountain of cake, they provided us with special secret trinkets which were tied to long strings, and placed within the mountain with the ribbons left to dangle, in the tradition of an Epiphany Cake. At the celebration, select guests were allowed to tug on a ribbon and pull out a trinket; yes, there were some very valuable bits lodged within the fresh layers! Lucky guests!
Swirled designs have a light hearted elegance about them. This version that Gina (oh, that Gina again!) put together features a pearlescent blue swirl. The shimmer of the opalescent finish really makes such a difference in the overall look, taking it to of level of loveliness that we pride ourselves on.


Something to think about: We hope you realize that you are never limited to the designs that we show you, either as a model cake or in our photo albums. We welcome your inner artist to come in and work with us to create your own, personal cake design. Yes, we are up for the challenge!
Suzi went to town and whipped out this Wonderland-worthy stacked bevel cake for an event tonight. We'll be at the Hollywood Underground Bridal Runway Show at "The Hollywood. There may still be some tickets available for this cutting-edge fashion show and vendor here for more details:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There... had an anniversary today, and we got to create their spectacular cake to serve a whopping 400 people!
It took a few of our big strong guys to lift this mammoth cake...they're all in for a yummy afternoon!

City Club on Bunker Hill...

We have to say, that City Club on Bunker Hill, is one of our favorite event venues. With sweeping views of the entire greater Los Angeles basin (really, a full three-hundred and sixty degree panorama!) you'll be thrilled with the fine staff, fabulous food, and overall feel of the place.
Private Events Director Ernest Nicodemus took us on a detailed tour of the club. We had no idea that there were so many options when it comes to space.

From an intimate private dining room for two, to a magnificent ballroom that can accommodate 240 guests for a sit down dinner (and 450 for a stand up reception,) the possibilities are overwhelming!
Last night's event was held in the South Eastern corner of the club. From the window we could see below us Disney Hall, the Music Center, the Cathedral, Dodger Stadium, and, and, many landmarks! All lit with the glow of the setting sun.
Guest wedding consultant Ghanaughn Brown led a seminar for the dozens of brides who were inspired by her presentation and pointers. Check out her website at:

We brought in our freshly baked marble cake with a light Tiramisu filling, topped with our butter creme icing and delicate decor. Almost looks too good to slice up!
Having a meeting or event of your own? Give us a call...everything is better when you end it with something sweet!


Take a peek at what The City Club has to offer!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wedding Salon...

Last night Hansen's Cakes was very pleased to be a part of The Wedding Salon; an upscale elegant event at The Beverly Hills Hotel. We were expecting 400-500 brides; we were met with 800 instead!


Perched atop a special sculpted ice base (graciously provided by our friends at Thirty Two Below,) we were presented to the brides front and center stage.


We had brought plenty of cake, but plates and utensils for the 500 anticipated guests; what a pleasant surprise to have so many lovely attendees sample our layers.

Here is a shot from the stage during one of the slower moments of the event...there is actually room to walk past people at this time! Everyone was just so nice and happy; no angry spoilers in this group.

So many people!

Suzi represented the bakery, answering myriad questions and passing out samples with the help of her assistant for the evening, Stephanie C. (head cheerleader at our local Beverly Hills High School!) Stephanie's coach just happens to be freshly engaged...we know we'll be arranging a personal tasting party for her very soon!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So Busy...

We have been SO busy with all of the cakes for this weekend, that I couldn't get to the blog at all yesterday!
Fortunately, I have a second right now between cakes. to share some cool designs with you.
This lucky girl is going to get her favorite thing in the world: a horse! I just love how dimensional the horse is...and so delicioius!
Larger-than-life, this bowling tableau is all carefully sculpted out of fresh cake, then finished with a smooth butter creme.
Something for the new baby...
...and a box filled with kisses!

We hope you have a marvellous weekend...come visit us on Monday evening at The Wedding Salon event being held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We'll be passing out our favorite flavors of freshly baked cake, and sharing ideas with you.
We can't wait!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going all Dotty...

Just how many polka-dot cakes do we make each week? At least 15 or 20...but each is unique in its proportion and color palette.
This "shades of blue" creating has an entirely different feeling than the pink and brown version we showed you last week.
Which do you prefer?

Ah, Beauty. The Beast is agog with love; completely smitten with his lovely Belle, here in our very busy scene.
The kids love to play with the toys after each present is unwrapped and the last crumb eaten.

Creativity is at the forefront once again. We're having an especially busy week (it seems like there are many people with birthdays this time of the year) so we'll be sure to share some more very cool pictures of our fabulous cakes with you so you can stay in the loop~!