Friday, September 26, 2008

Photos, Yo...

The Hollywood Underground Bridal Runway Show, featuring a fresh fashion cavalcade of cutting edge gowns by designer Deborah La Franchi, took place last night. Literally underground; the event was staged in the oh-so-cool-graffiti'd parking garage...amazing!
The venue, The Hollywood, has to be the sleekest modern structure that we've seen; tastefully appointed with magnificent architectural features, the units were very fairly priced and offer appealing amenities and neighborhood convenience.

We brought enough cake to feed an entire wedding party (of course) and we have to say, it went over very well!
We allowed the building to take our 1/2 sheet marble cake w/tiramisu filling up to the penthouse loft (they were showing units during the event) and we kept our rad guitar and whimsical beveled cake down with us in the staging area.
Here are some pics from our fellow vendors...

Beautiful blooms...
Delicately dangling...
Oh, here's our table again. Loads of views for yous....

We got an especially good response from our electric guitar grooms cake. The cakes we brought last night were 100% cake (no models this time,) and people were really surprised at our not using fondant on everything. "How can you get it so smooth without using fondant" was heard over and again. "Easy," we answered..."We have the smoothest icing in the world!"
Our dear friend Paul took the cake...really. The top tier of our creation coordinated so perfectly with his ensemble (even the inside of the cake matched!) Our buddy Michael (Willms) was clever enough to find a box to house the tier for Paul.
(Bravo, Michael!)
The event caterer made some unusual (and delicious) treats which were passed around throughout the event. These Canneles Bordelais were carmel-icious...
...but the biggest snackage hit were the jumbo prawn "corn dogs" in wasabi. There was an audible cry of anguish heard from the corner of the garage when one of the guests inadvertently dropped one of these delicacies...fortunately, there was plenty more going around!
All in all, we had a fun time hangin' with the crowd underground.
Big thanks to event organizer Liz Coopersmith of Silver Charm Events!

In the end, many fabulous prizes were raffled off, including a custom wedding gown, an event planner package, and the use of the venue for a future event.

Good times!

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Kimberly said...

such amazing treats for the eye and he tummy! those Canneles Bordelais just KILL ME! and the prawn-dogs are sheer genius!!