Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here Come the Brides...

This beautiful Sunday (today!) we were asked to participate in the Here Come the Brides event at the Warner Center Marriott, by the show hostess, the divine Micki Love.
She was so gracious (as always,) and granted us a location of honor...right by the grand entry!
We thought we'd share some photos of our booth with you.
We just got our new backdrop-banner from our friends at Copy Cats. It goes perfectly with our updated website and blog, don'tcha think?!

We brought a couple-hundred servings worth of fresh "Bridal White" layer cake filled with our new Tiramisu and topped with our special butter creme frosting.
Luscious-ness the time we packed up to leave, there were just a smattering of slices left (which were gratefully gifted to the catering staff.)

We'd like to thank all of the lovely visitors who stopped by for a bite and a chat, for making the show a success.
You were all so sweet, and it was a pleasure meeting you! We look forward to seeing you all for your free tasting session and personal design consultation, very soon.
: )

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