Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Spooktacular Halloween...

The ladies in the showroom showed their spirit (along with a smattering of bakery peeps) by participating in our little costume contest.
Most of the bakery boys decided to dress up as either a cake decorator or a baker. So original. But the girls (and those other few) really got into it.
Here is the gate-keeper, Patrick "Indiana Jones" Hansen, and Mr. Money-man, book-keeper Tracy, in his sniper suit. Wow!
Game on.

Ollie came as a hot hot hot witch...

Patty was the Queen of Hearts....

Alejandra, a sexy gangster...

Incipient mom Elvia is a Baby-Mama Cop (!)...

From the other side, Arturo pretended to be a cake and had Jose decorate him...

Suzi was in her 'jammies...

and Jennifer got into her sexy Speed Racer suit.
How cool is Mr. Hansen? Everyone who dressed up in a costume received a delicious catered lunch plus a cake to take home! know the boys in the back were kicking themselves for not playing!

Not all of today's work was orange and black...

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Schplooky themed cakes are all the rage today...Suzi created this homage to horror for the BHHS Madrigals' October birthdays. Spine-tingling.
Tomorrow, owner Patrick Hansen came up with a costume contest for all of our employees, with the winner receiving a tasty treat. You can imagine what that will be! We'll be putting up photographs of the staff; we'd love it you would comment on them!
Do you have a cool costume of your own that you'd like to share with us? Shoot us over a jpg image at You may land a spot here on the blog!

Here's a peek at an auction item we've created for tonight's Legendary Bingo Event at Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset. Somebody is going to have a delicious evening!

Did somebody say Bingo?

One of our favorite candified clients picked a giant pumpkin from our cake patch. She brought in the tiny treats to scatter around the base of the big boy. No tricks here!

A different version of Frankenstein's monster...

...and a Chinese Dragon for good measure.
More pics later!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ready for a Change?

It seems that we all are ready for a change. We've created some special cupcakes for those who believe that change can actually be a delicious thing. Which "flavor" do you like?
Other things we don't ever want to change. Our relationship with Jamie Green, CEO of New Horizon Foods, has been a friend and associate of our bakery for two generations. New Horizon Foods is the only company in the world who custom blends our patented cake mix recipe. He took the time to come down personally to spend a little quality time with owner Patrick Hansen, where they had fun throwing together a couple of batches, took a barometer reading, and weighed our water (really!)
Fun times don't need to change.
Our Beverly Hills location, however, did need to change. Thanks to our new "roomie," event designer Michael Willms, that change is spectacular.
Here are some shots of the almost complete and newly re-opened shop at 193 South Beverly Drive.
Pop on over for a visit!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today we made a very special baby-pink pumpkin for our friends at The Bridal Bar; our favorite event resource spot. Shimmering goodness!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Color me Hansen...

The shelves in the chiller are bursting at the seams with all of the cakes we have on order this week. Our friends can rest a little easier knowing that people continue to get married, and are not putting an end to their event celebrations with all the stuff going on out their right now.
It's a taste-bud-titillating world (not to mention the eye-candy!)

An elegant trio of beveled beauties made their way out to Long Beach this morning; a treat for some of our favorite cake vendors!

Swirly dreams...

...and an homage to Candyland!

Here's an idea for you...just bring in your child's favorite storybook, and we can make you a special cake for any occasion.

A star for a star...

...and a glimpse at what the boys are doing between projects!
Oh, Jose....!!!

y Renee!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting The Land of Mini-Cakes...

A little bit larger than a baseball, these mini-cakes are enjoying their brief stays in our new front case. Each cake serves 2-4 (though we do respect the opinion that this is a single serving cake!) and are the belles of the ball these days.

Good to go!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The rest of today...

Here's to the end of a very busy day filled with frosting and fun.

We had a nice meeting with the R.O.P. Director at the local high school, where we have implemented a fabulous intern program. We'll be sharing photos of that program over the next few months.

Our image cakes are proving to be more popular than evern, especially when we add that special Hansen's Cakes touch.

We hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday night, and will be sure to share more with you tomorrow!

3-D Weekend...

We took a journey to the country of Mexico (at least in our hearts) when this 3-D pyramid started to take shape. The detail that Jose put into this monolithic creation was amazing!

Then there was WALL-E for a lucky five-year-old's birthday. One cool robot for one cool kid!

WALL-E never tasted so good!