Friday, February 13, 2009

The Last Time We Saw Paris...

Our Cupcake Ambassador Allie Finer, spotted one of our favorite clients, Paris Hilton, in front of our Beverly Hills location late yesterday afternoon. She immediately brought Ms. Hilton over a six-pack of our fresh Valentine's Day Cupcakes, which elicited a warm hug.

We love you Paris!

Paris also took a moment to use her professional eye to help Michael & Paul adjust their new photo in our showcase in the Beverly Hills location breezeway.

Michael Willms is working on creating a window that will give our passers-by a taste of Entertainment Design Events & Hansen's Cakes style.

Here's a grand cake we made for the NAACP event this week. The tiered tower was parked on the Red Carpet for the show prelude, then served up to the guests at the event. Yum!

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How cool is this!

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