Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A festive golden window scape sets the tone for tonight: New Year's Eve~!
We are looking forward to a fresh new year filled with everyday opportunities of goodness. We are eternally optimistic; counting our blessings while developing new relationships and nurturing those we already have.
Happy New Year too all of our friends, both old and new.

Sparkle plenty, and remember:
Everything you experience is just that much better if you finish off that moment with something sweet!
(Our new damask design.)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Mouthful of Joy...

Patrick Hansen has come up with the most delicious bite-sized morsels you can imagine: our famous cake batter poured and baked into miniature cupcakes!

These scrumptious bites come in our white cake, chocolate cake, red velvet, carrot and marble cake...and are all iced up in our crowd-pleasing butter creme frosting.

Adorned with chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, teeny-tiny rainbow sprinkles, and our glorious colorful sugars, the mini-cupcakes are the perfect accompanyment to your next party cake!

Here are just some of the yummy-nummy goodness for an eye-feast...

Pop 'em in and feel the joy fill your being with the goodness of Hansen's Cakes.

You do know that we offer up traditional sized cupcakes as well. The last party we threw featured a sea of cupcakes surrounding a gloriously decorated cake.

Now that's the perfect way to bring in the New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fresh and Juicy...

The succulently sweet flavor of fresh cut strawberries is oh-so tempting. We got in this shipment of juicy berries right off the boat from New Zealand, where they are in full season now. Sure, they're at a bit higher premium, but oh my, how beautiful and delicious they are; worth every bite!

The warmest spot in the bakery is right next to the giant rotating oven, where our guy is baking up some of everything right now. These giant marble cake cupcakes are almost ready (you can see how beautifully the round lemon cake has risen as well!)

Then there are the cookies. Hot chocolate chip and white chocolate/macadamia nut batches are in the oven right now...

They'll be transformed as soon as they cool, into these little gifts of love for a lucky person.
Festive and delicious!

Shades of blue for a beautiful baby...Pam just finished putting the final touches on this fully cut-out cross for tomorrow morning.

The Winding Down of 2008

Our beautiful Beverly Hills location embodies the spirit of the holiday, with a fresh floral display from Ruben at Matisse (which sets off the concept design which Michael Willms arranged.)
We especially adore the table covering, which is trimmed in a Santa-esque white fur, and the satiny-red chairs from Chameleon. The chair selection that they present is unequalled in the industry; from sparkly crystal-embellished seats to animal prints.
Even better...they're actually comfortable!
We invite you to stop by and pick up a complimentary tasting sample of our delicious cake!
Hansen's Cakes
193 South Beverly Drive at Charleville
(between Wilshire & Olympic)
Beverly Hills

Though Christmas has now passed, we still have a bit of Hanukkah left to celebrate...
Here, the guys take a much-needed five-minute break from running the show.
: )

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Wish for You and Yours...

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Hanukkah.
We're here at our Los Angeles location (if you need a last-minute cake for your holiday gathering!)
We will be closed on Christmas Day, but back baking early Friday morning, December 26th.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Break...

Bear in a box? Oh yes...actually, anything in a box is possible in our world of cakes. Just ask.

Pink on pink is always popular. Who said that Christmas cakes have to be red and green!

There is something to be said about a traditional Santa scene...

A Chanukkah dessert (or a Hannukah dessert!)

Back to the box again, here is a happy spotted pup for a yummy holiday party.

Will Hansen is off this week for the holiday, so he's spending some quality time apprenticing in the bakery. We're so happy to have him around for at least a few days!

For the smaller cake deliveries...

How cute is this baby! A Smart Car from Smart Center of Beverly Hills!
Mr. Hansen shows off his self-defense moves next to the littlest delivery car in the city...

Numbers-man Tracy looks hot in leather...

...and Arturo just loves to have his picture taken (we adore this hard-working fellow!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Fondant...

We want no part of the craze that seems to be sweeping across the land-of-bakeries. Though it would be far easier for us to succumb to rolling out that odd-tasting creation, we prefer to take a touch more care and make our goods with the yummy stuff: butter creme.

The cake is carved into the desired shape, scratch-coated then iced. This is where that Artistic License becomes a valued asset.

The base cake is also put through the process, then hand-airbrushed to give the effect of a wooden floor. Made safe to support the weight of the shoe, it is then ready to be picked up by the client who knew enough to go for the taste. You wouldn't believe just how delicious these cakes actually sacrifice ever has to be made by choosing beauty over flavor. They are both equal here!

A version of the home page cake, this time in ivory and brown. This celebrant only needed one tier for their party (we build 'em to suit!)

Cake magic...
This four-tiered stacked topsy-turvy cake stands very tall...and has not even a pinch of fondant on it to take away from the cutting ease and taste.
This particular creation was made for a special Concerned girl, and can be duplicated or modified to suit any theme occasion.

Another example of smoothness; here the cake is almost ready for the detail work...the butter creme frosting has been prepped using the Hansen's Cakes method of faux-fondantish icing.

Voila! Shimmery and sleek, without a hint of fondant! We wish we had a pic of how it will look at the actual wedding today once the florist has at it with fresh blossoms. Just stunning!

A steady hand with a light touch allows the butter creme to be hand painted with food-safe coloring. The metallic gold has been airbrushed all over the iced smooth cake to give it an unusual patina.

The stag line.

All ready to be bestowed with unusual decor, these boys are destined to become Holiday-table stars!
White-on-white hand piping adds a bit of playfulness to an elegant occasion...

...and an open book will become a scrumptious read.

One of the Holiday pick-me-ups...we are literally selling out of our good-to-go store cakes faster than we can make 'em! Fortunately, there is no shortage of baked cakes here; it has been so California-cold here that the ovens are happy to keep warm and baking all day!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting looks...

Sharing friends...

Amanda with Oprah...

Pauline with Drake (rhymes with cake...)

Rodrigo has a coffee break..

Sporty cake for a sporty baby...

I heart you...

Ready for a Superhero...

Say Cheese...

Weddings, weddings, weddings...