Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fresh and Juicy...

The succulently sweet flavor of fresh cut strawberries is oh-so tempting. We got in this shipment of juicy berries right off the boat from New Zealand, where they are in full season now. Sure, they're at a bit higher premium, but oh my, how beautiful and delicious they are; worth every bite!

The warmest spot in the bakery is right next to the giant rotating oven, where our guy is baking up some of everything right now. These giant marble cake cupcakes are almost ready (you can see how beautifully the round lemon cake has risen as well!)

Then there are the cookies. Hot chocolate chip and white chocolate/macadamia nut batches are in the oven right now...

They'll be transformed as soon as they cool, into these little gifts of love for a lucky person.
Festive and delicious!

Shades of blue for a beautiful baby...Pam just finished putting the final touches on this fully cut-out cross for tomorrow morning.

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