Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Fondant...

We want no part of the craze that seems to be sweeping across the land-of-bakeries. Though it would be far easier for us to succumb to rolling out that odd-tasting creation, we prefer to take a touch more care and make our goods with the yummy stuff: butter creme.

The cake is carved into the desired shape, scratch-coated then iced. This is where that Artistic License becomes a valued asset.

The base cake is also put through the process, then hand-airbrushed to give the effect of a wooden floor. Made safe to support the weight of the shoe, it is then ready to be picked up by the client who knew enough to go for the taste. You wouldn't believe just how delicious these cakes actually sacrifice ever has to be made by choosing beauty over flavor. They are both equal here!

A version of the home page cake, this time in ivory and brown. This celebrant only needed one tier for their party (we build 'em to suit!)

Cake magic...
This four-tiered stacked topsy-turvy cake stands very tall...and has not even a pinch of fondant on it to take away from the cutting ease and taste.
This particular creation was made for a special Concerned girl, and can be duplicated or modified to suit any theme occasion.

Another example of smoothness; here the cake is almost ready for the detail work...the butter creme frosting has been prepped using the Hansen's Cakes method of faux-fondantish icing.

Voila! Shimmery and sleek, without a hint of fondant! We wish we had a pic of how it will look at the actual wedding today once the florist has at it with fresh blossoms. Just stunning!

A steady hand with a light touch allows the butter creme to be hand painted with food-safe coloring. The metallic gold has been airbrushed all over the iced smooth cake to give it an unusual patina.

The stag line.

All ready to be bestowed with unusual decor, these boys are destined to become Holiday-table stars!
White-on-white hand piping adds a bit of playfulness to an elegant occasion...

...and an open book will become a scrumptious read.

One of the Holiday pick-me-ups...we are literally selling out of our good-to-go store cakes faster than we can make 'em! Fortunately, there is no shortage of baked cakes here; it has been so California-cold here that the ovens are happy to keep warm and baking all day!


Breathing Beside Us said...

I love the candy cane cake!!

Tamara Henry said...

I am completely blown away by your cakes even without knowing there isn't a touch of fondant!!! Stunning workmanship is an understatement! I also seem to have given up fondant which in the uk is pretty much all anyone uses! Now I make my own chocolate covering it works just like fondant, I can roll and mould pretty much anything and it tastes fantastic too! But with no training under my belt I think buttercream is a bit beyond my skill! Well done, you should have your own show!
Tamara (Cakefingers) Henry