Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Mouthful of Joy...

Patrick Hansen has come up with the most delicious bite-sized morsels you can imagine: our famous cake batter poured and baked into miniature cupcakes!

These scrumptious bites come in our white cake, chocolate cake, red velvet, carrot and marble cake...and are all iced up in our crowd-pleasing butter creme frosting.

Adorned with chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, teeny-tiny rainbow sprinkles, and our glorious colorful sugars, the mini-cupcakes are the perfect accompanyment to your next party cake!

Here are just some of the yummy-nummy goodness for an eye-feast...

Pop 'em in and feel the joy fill your being with the goodness of Hansen's Cakes.

You do know that we offer up traditional sized cupcakes as well. The last party we threw featured a sea of cupcakes surrounding a gloriously decorated cake.

Now that's the perfect way to bring in the New Year!

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