Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Tis the Season...

"Tis the Season...for Awards Shows!

We're thrilled to again be a part of GBK's fabulous award Gifting Suite to the Stars...Academy Award-style this time around!
Besides creating another of our amazing show-stopping monster cakes, we'll be on hand at the event serving up slices of these homage-to-Best-Picture cakes.

This particular cake holds a rich marble cake with our chocolate chip butter creme filling...

...while this sheet is made up of Bridal White cake with Champagne Custard filling. Umm-Yumm!

More on the event later...

This sheet is a special creation for the BHHS Minnesingers who are celebrating their group's February babies birthdays...

While this bad-boy was delivered to the Beverly Hilton to showcase our favorite Radio group's FIFTIETH anniversary.
(If only the "standards" were still on the air!)

Then, a look at a cake we raffled off Tuesday night at an event at the Sofitel (Music from the Heart.)
What a week we're having!

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Breathing Beside Us said...

So amazing! Really.