Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Minute Saves...

So lets pretend that you just got invited to a last minute dinner party, and generously offered to bring dessert.
What will you do?
Pop right on over to our bakery, just a couple of doors North of our Fairfax showroom, where you'll find exactly what you were thinking of!
Here is a fine example of a rich, chocolate-y good round cake adorned with dark chocolate flowers and all chocolate accents. Delish!
Looking for something different? Our best-ever carrot cake is the way to go. We carefully shred our own carrots and blend them into our especially formulated recipe of all natural ingredients to bring you the most delicious carrot cake any of us here have ever encountered.

Then there are the cupcakes. These days we're getting very creative in this area, what with the popularity of the genre holding sway.
Gina loves to adorn these lovelies with flowers of all types...
...multi-colored balloons,

and seasonally appropriate images.
Just Spook-tacular!

Party colors and festive decor make for a fun celebration cake. All we need is a few moments to add a name or other inscription, and you're ready to treat your friends to a fabulous, fresh dessert of Hansen's Cakes.

Who ya gonna call?

Gina got out the fondant to make this take-it-right-now ghost cake. Filled with our popular marble cake and butter filling, it should immediately disappear from your dessert table...no need to call the Ghostbusters!

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So fantastic again!

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