Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack & a Bulldog...

Somebody is having an Obama-themed birthday. We thought Obama was in the Democratic Party, not the Birthday Party or the Delicious Party. Ah well...
Now here is another excellent example of the kind of things we specialize in: sculpture. In this instance, we got a call for a last-minute Bulldog cake. Some places take a couple of weeks (!) to create a cake such as this, but our team was able to put it together and get it out in a matter of mere hours. Spectacular to watch.
We know how much you enjoy seeing the process, so we took some photos along the way.

From stacked Hansen's white cake filled with secure layers of our legendary French Butter Creme filling, Jose built the "skeleton" of the English Bulldog.
We suppose with the French Butter Creme we should have done a French Bulldog, but that can be for another cake...but we don't have an English Butter Creme filling!
Here is the photo array that the client brought in. The cakes always come out best when we have sufficient materials to work from. All angles make for an all-over great result.

Carefully carving the styro-head, Chino piped on the distintively inherent features of the pup, carefully smoothing the icing using our time-tested techniques.

A little airbrushing finishes off the beast (we say that in the most loving way of course!) Any breed, any species...that's Hansen's Cakes enthusiastic challenge to you.
Bring it!
: )

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