Friday, October 17, 2008

Cake is what we make...

Yesterday was our favorite event designer Michael Willms' big birthday, so we wanted to gift him with a tasty token of our esteem. Fresh strawberries with our Hansen's whipped filling made for a cake that is as delicious on the inside as it is cool on the out. We added his signature bumble bee to the corner as an added touch, just 'cause we love him even more than his celebrity clientele do!

The development of the elephant; we'll show you how we do it! Completely hand carved and iced in fresh butter creme, this tiny pachyderm gets the cold treatment in our chiller to set up.
Added touches give him some personality...
Then he gets placed atop his new jungle home.

Luscious white frosting on a dreamy tiered number...
And a jack-o-lantern, Hansen's Style.

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