Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going all Dotty...

Just how many polka-dot cakes do we make each week? At least 15 or 20...but each is unique in its proportion and color palette.
This "shades of blue" creating has an entirely different feeling than the pink and brown version we showed you last week.
Which do you prefer?

Ah, Beauty. The Beast is agog with love; completely smitten with his lovely Belle, here in our very busy scene.
The kids love to play with the toys after each present is unwrapped and the last crumb eaten.

Creativity is at the forefront once again. We're having an especially busy week (it seems like there are many people with birthdays this time of the year) so we'll be sure to share some more very cool pictures of our fabulous cakes with you so you can stay in the loop~!

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