Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pah-retty Pah-retty...

Tastes so sweet....and looks just loverly; this is the top tier of our new "Pearlescence" cake design, modified for a very special birthday.

The delicately hand-crafted decor takes days to be perfected. The tiara is hand-cut from rolled gumpaste, allowed to dry, then embellished with the intricate detail work. Cut fondant accents add to the smooth texture and dimensional elements of the cake.

Our cake artist then goes in to add the butter creme hearts and pearls, and then the classic rosebuds. Hand made butterflies are carefully placed to complete the look, after which our decorator carefully finishes off the tier with our very special shimmering secret. It actually sparkles!

Another lovely design is this different spin on our classic basket weave cake. Instead of using our white butter creme for the weave, the client opted for a delicious, rich chocolate frosting. We then contrasted the look with white roses, daisies, and white leaves with butterflies and tendril vines.

One the opposite end of the design spectrum, we visit our little friend Dora the Explorer (I like to say Dora the Explora!) The children love that they can keep the figurines and balloons after they have blown out the candles and eaten the last tasty crumbs.

Getting down with a different spin we came up with this scene perfect for the motorcycle enthusiast. This is one road we'd be happy to eat off of!

Finally today, we'd like let you see one of our special wedding cake toppers. We can custom style any of our cake ornaments to suit any bride & groom, bride & bride, or groom & groom!

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