Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wedding Salon...

Last night Hansen's Cakes was very pleased to be a part of The Wedding Salon; an upscale elegant event at The Beverly Hills Hotel. We were expecting 400-500 brides; we were met with 800 instead!


Perched atop a special sculpted ice base (graciously provided by our friends at Thirty Two Below,) we were presented to the brides front and center stage.


We had brought plenty of cake, but plates and utensils for the 500 anticipated guests; what a pleasant surprise to have so many lovely attendees sample our layers.

Here is a shot from the stage during one of the slower moments of the event...there is actually room to walk past people at this time! Everyone was just so nice and happy; no angry spoilers in this group.

So many people!

Suzi represented the bakery, answering myriad questions and passing out samples with the help of her assistant for the evening, Stephanie C. (head cheerleader at our local Beverly Hills High School!) Stephanie's coach just happens to be freshly engaged...we know we'll be arranging a personal tasting party for her very soon!

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