Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Can We Choose?

We know that every day we create a multitude of extra-ordinary cakes, but much like a parent with three or four kids, sometimes we just have a favorite for the day!
Today's favorite (so far...) is this version of our Carnavale design. Edible metallic silver butter creme appears to have transformed into a shiny solid silver box. A classic "label" and "ribbon" wraps around the smooth sides, and the whole tier is topped with a magnificent bow.
How could we not fall in love?
But again, other designs that have come out this morning (actually, within the last fifteen minutes!) have some amazing virtues.
This moon and star cake is perfectly set off by the frosted board on which it rests. Lovely.
Another outstanding creation is our white chocolate pearlescent undersea design. Faux-fondant is actually our smooth butter creme, and we hand-make the shells, coral, sea life and baubles ourselves.

This cake is still in is going to become a romantic Princess themed centerpiece.


How festive is this "1"...the colorful dots are piped on and smoothed for an even look. We hope that mommy will bring in photos of the baby eating his first birthday cake!
Tropic pleasures are carefully created by are artists. These blossoms are made of the most delicious icing you can imagine. Aloha!
Will somebody be getting some fabulous jewelry to go along with this iconic cake? A girl's favorite gift comes in the little blue box!
So you most likely know that we make mini-cupcakes, medium cuppys, and large...but nothing beats our extra-jumbo cupcake-cake! Here we have a couple of different versions for your viewing pleasure.


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