Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is no Child's Play...

The Studio is releasing a 20th anniversary edition of Child's Play (can you believe that it's been 20 years?!) so naturally they wanted a cake to celebrate the occasion.
Well, not "a" cake, but many cakes, each creepier than the last. The other day we did a re-creation of the poster; last night, they wanted the creepy, sculpted Chucky head.
I thought you'd like to see a bit of the process in making an over-sized head of the monster doll!
The cake layers have been stacked, filled, and chilled, then hand-carved into the shape. This is a delicate procedure, as the slightest wrong cut can send the whole cake crumbling to bits. No problem here though.
It is then frosted in our special manner, chilled again, then the detail work begins.

In order to get the color depth, you can see how Jose is taking his time adding careful applications of airbrush dye. What started out as solid yellow "hair"...
...slowly becomes the gingery-tone of the evil Chucky's locks.
Can you imagine how much fun this would be to cut into? Talk about a pahr-tay...!
The boys on the prep table were enjoying the winding down of the day, knowing that they had done their best to put together the most delicious cakes in town.
That was last night...this morning, everyone is trickling in (beginning at 6:30am) and are once again getting into the daily groove of things. This is a comforting place to be. Right now, the rich aroma of hot chocolate cake baking fills the air, and the humming sound of churning frosting provides a lulling drone for us to work by.
Good tidings!

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Phyllis Dobbs said...

These cakes give a whole new meaning to cakes. They are so spooooooky and adorable. Great site - I love the black and white graphics.