Friday, September 12, 2008

Cupcakes on Parade, plus...

When we make cupcakes. we like to add the perfect finishing touch to the look.
Besides embellishing the delicious morsels with colored sugar, piped on characters, or little plastic doodads, we're now happy to offer the option of a customized mini-flag to adorn the peak of frosting.
These darling banners can be personalized with a name or logo, and modified to coordinate with your party's color scheme.
We do need a few days notice to create and assemble these flags, so keep that in mind.
Call for a price quote.

Here is an example of the custom piped-on characters we can make for you on the cupcakes...these basketball loving panda bears will be the talk of the party!
We've had a lot of phone calls asking about what the owner of this establishment looks like...well, here he is: Patrick Hansen, the seventh generation of Hansens' to be in charge of this heavenly little bake shop. No, he doesn't just sit around in the office sipping on a latte, he is right back there every day in the trenches with everyone else. Patrick is the only baker in Southern California with FDA, City, County and State Approval, and is a graduate of the American Institute of Baking as well. Talk about a pedigree!

Another version of our enticing box cakes...
Just coming out in theaters, Igor should prove to be another blockbuster. Now he's just coming out here as well!
Hello Mommie, Goodbye Tummie...we have a wide assortment of baby shower designs in our showroom albums. Come on over and check 'em out.
Everything tastes better with a little bit of white chocolate. We've taken our lovely flower basket design and added hand curled ribbons of the creamy confection for a simply fabulous effect. Can you imagine the control we have to exercise to not take a little taste!

Yo...somebody "tagged" our cake!

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