Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Very Nice Day...

It's a very nice day for a wedding or two, or sixty-one...yes, we have a lot of wedding cake orders today!

Here is one of our very favorite cake designs for the March 14th Bride...our "Nuptial Bliss" cake with a lavender, white, and metallic silver palette. Gorgeous, and not fondant...purely scrumdidily-umptious!

Just about completed, this psychedelic tie-dye/VW bus-baby is just waiting for our artist to install the butter creme headlights. We love how we are able to get that butter creme so looks as though it were almost made of metal!

Fairytale dreams come true, at least the edible kind of dreams. This storybook castle design is one of our most popular themes.
We believe in happily ever after!

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