Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Va Va Voom...

On Sunday we were invited to participate in the very first gi-normous Bar/Bat Mitzvah Event at Universal Studio (held in the Globe Theater.)
It was time to create some brand-new designs for the occasion, so here's what we came up with: A prayer-inspired design, which can highlight the Bar/Bat Mitzvah's own Torah portion (and the name of G_d would not be printed.) Made to accomodate just about any size party, it starts with a serving size of 50.

Next up, we made one of our "Rites of Passage" designs, featuring photos of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids. Just imagine, you can have your own child's lifetime highlights wrapped edibly around the tiers...also sized to meet your specifications!

Cap'n Jack and his Mate enjoyed eating up some of the fresh cake we sliced up at the show...we passed out close to 1,000 slices of cake that day!

Do you think the pirates were looking for this treasure chest? Hmmm...

Here's something different...edible glitter covers these delicious chocolate truffle-balls (they really look like authentic glass glitter!)
Available with an advance order (three weeks,) these balls are a bit on the costly side ($4. each) but come in a huge variety of colors which will enhance any of our designs. Ummmm!

A birthday cake for one of our own....Beverly Hills sales gal Patty celebrated in tasty style!

This Thomas Train was hand sculpted by our master artists out of scrumptious cake and butter creme.

One of our cheetah-licious designs...

You may add any animal to any of our designs...this one IS good enough to eat! Grrr....

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