Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hansen's Cakes on FX Movies with Fox Attitude...

TiVo/DVR time again...On Monday night,
July 19th
(that's one week from Monday!) at 8:00pm check out the FX Network as they screen the hit movie 27 Dresses (with hosts Dave & Jen) because...
PATRICK HANSEN & HANSEN'S CAKES is going to be a part of the broadcast!
The people at the Studio spent the greater part of today (as well as some hours last week) filming Patrick and our cake-ness at the main Fairfax location. We're very excited (oh yes!) and look forward to seeing which parts of the extensive filming is going to be shared on air!
On another note, word is out that The Battle of the Wedding Planners episode with Michael Willms and our Patrick Hansen will be rerun at the Friday night/10pm time slot (just in case you missed the first run!)
We LOVE television
(and having our cakes on television!)

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