Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Tori...

From People Magazine...
Dean McDermott had so many ways he wanted to celebrate Tori Spelling's 36th birthday that he took a long weekend to do them all. On May 14, the actor surprised his wife with a new tattoo: A large Koi fish symbolizing Tori, a tiger representing Dean, and three baby Koi fish for Liam, 2, Stella, 11 months, and (McDermott's son from a previous marriage) Jack, 10. The tattoo also featured peonies, which stand for health and prosperity, and the word "forever." "I did it to profess my undying love for my gorgeous wife and beautiful children," McDermott says of the creation, which took Tim Hendricks at Spotlight Tattoo in Hollywood seven hours to complete. "She loved it when I revealed it to her. She thinks it's beautiful, chic and sexy."
The following day – Tori's actual birthday – McDermott whisked her off for a weekend at hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica. And Saturday night, it was time for a party at the Vicery hotel, including a birthday cake from Hansen's Cakes. Says McDermott: "She was totally surprised when she saw all her friends there. It was awesome and she had a wonderful time."
Here is the actual image we used for the cake!

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