Thursday, May 28, 2009

KTLA Beckoned...

Our favorite local television Morning News station (KTLA) called with a special request this week:
Make a special birthday cake for Los Angeles Sports Icon Jerry West!
But of course!
We created this full sheet cake (our marble cake w/chocolate chip filling & fresh butter creme icing) and made it shimmer with metallic gold for the legendary Laker.
The KTLA anchors presented it to him on air this morning...word is that West loved it so much he took the entire cake home with him!

Speaking of classics (ahem!) our signature cheeseburger cake with the works is as popular as ever...

Bursts of celebratory color set off this two-tiered special cake...

You can see that Mr. Patrick Hansen is no slouch when it comes to decorating himself!
Patrick takes the time to make sure that each cake is finished off in accordance to our generations old standards. This surfboard is gettiing the Hansen's treatment for a very special event!

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