Friday, January 2, 2009


Did you all have a wonderful New Year's celebration? We'd like to thank all of you out there for making 2008 one of our very best years ever, and are sure that 2009 will be even better yet.
In 2009 we resolve to continue to:
  • *Keep using the freshest ingredients in our cakes.
  • *Stay away from fondant unless a client insists.
  • *Produce the very best, most artistic designs possible.
  • *Provide excellent customer service.
  • *Fill our brides hearts with delicious beauty.
  • *Share the joy that is Hansen's Cakes cakes with an even wider audience.

One of our first cakes of '09 is a 90th birthday treat for a special client. We've had two different 90th birthday cakes to ready just for today, and hope to be able to make many more over the year (and cakes for those celebrating even higher digits as well!)
Happy Birthday to you all!

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