Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Newport Beach ABC Event at the Fairmont...

Here is our custom-designed five-tiered creation all put together. The finishing details were added on site (strung-pearl edging, etc...)
There were nothing but a few crumbs left by the end of the evening (we were able to sneak a few pieces out to the boys in the valet area!)
Funny, but it was hard for people to believe that the cake was not covered in the fondant coating that everyone and their mother seems to be using all over the country. That fondant can be such an inconvenience; a not-so-yummy concoction that is usually removed by the catering staff before eating.
You can imagine everyone's delight when they found that our smooth-as-glass butter creme was just that: butter creme!
Along with the passed trays of hot appetizers, the Fairmont set up a mashed potato bar with all the fixins'. So good.

GetMarried (on Lifetime) set up their version of Wedding Jeopardy, awarding advertising prizes to the winners of the nuptial trivia contest. Fun times.

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