Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Changing with the Times

(article from www.getmarried.com

Every little girl dreams of her wedding; the elaborate gown, where the event will be held, and just how special her wedding cake will look. Over the years, dress hemlines rise and fall, venues fall in and out of favor, but the traditional tiered wedding cake continues to maintain a major place in the heart of every bride. This is not to say that there are not marked trends in the wedding cake industry…there are. Historically, the details of wedding cake design have changed along with the times, while maintaining the tiers and height that are the trademark of the nuptial occasion.The most noticeable design changes began in the 1980s, when brides first added a blatant blast of whimsy to their cakes, paralleling the new wave fashions of the era. Bright colors found their way into the creative process; tilted tiers and wild florals made the wacky d├ęcor complete. In the 90s, a move to elaborate elegance took over, with bakers pushing their boundaries with taller, wider cakes, and extreme floral displays, echoing the prosperity that hit the country at the end of the decade. This trend continued into this century; bride’s selections showed off their sophistication and flair for the unique. Looking through wedding magazines over the past few years, one can see the diverse styles that have taken center-stage. Lately, the trend in cake design is markedly gleaning detailed hand-work from the past. Reality television shows featuring cake decorating have made the audience appreciate the hard work that goes in to creating delicate lace frosting and details. Suzi Finer of Hansen’s Cakes, has seen the design trends change over the years. “Cakes that echo the invitation are hot right now. Elegant classics with added ultra-spot detail work have risen in popularity.” Having flourished for seven generations, Hansen’s Cakes has experienced first-hand the design trends that sweep through the industry. “Cherry blossoms are the flower of the moment right now.” Finer notes, “We also see that tasteful metallic base frostings are growing in popularity.” Looking into the magic crystal ball to the future, there is a good indication that the coming year’s trends will follow this course. “We anticipate that there will continue to be a move towards intricate, detailed design. Now that the brides know what goes into creating a cake, they want their own to be the most special, memorable cake in the world.”Photography by: Hansen’s Cakes

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