Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Sweet Day...

Jose worked his magic this afternoon, "wrapping" a "gift" that couldn't be more delish! Nobody ties a bow like this master decorator!
On the other side of the refrigerator, the Pam & Gina made their own magic with these tiered creations.
Looks like some very special people are going to be enjoying their celebrations in the sweetest way!

Suzi the multi-tasker brought the Beverly Hills High School mascot to life for tomorrow's all-staff luncheon. Hansen's Cakes is a big supporter of the education system, both public and private, and enjoy a boost to our educators morale whenever possible.
We are proud to show our support to a large number of our local schools, by setting aside a yearly allotment of gift certificates, which benefit local PTAs and Booster clubs through silent auctions. Although we wish we could give to each and every organization, we still do our best to evenly distribute our allocations fairly.
Translation? Stay in school!!!

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