Saturday, August 16, 2008

This week was filled with cool cake orders, including a tremendous sculpted ballfield, complete with a sold out crowd of fans filling the bleachers! We had so many orders for our specialty, hand painted, airbrushed sheet cakes, that the boys almost wore themselves out.

Javier was especially busy with his brush, creating some truly marvellous designs. He is trully a treasure.

Our fleet of vans each has the Hansen's Cakes logo emblazoned on their sides. If you happen to pass one on the road, give us a friendly beep~!

Longtime friend of the bakery, wedding dress doyenne Renee Strauss, hosted a mini-event in her Beverly Hills showroom today. We were happy to provide her with a mini-cake (get it, mini-cake, mini-event?) for the occasion, along with some of our popular Red Velvet and Tiramisu sheets and mini (again with the mini) cupcakes.
We've been providing her with fresh samplings of our specialty flavors for 20+ years. Yummers!

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