Friday, August 8, 2008

Sharing a peek...

Welcome to the premier of the Hansen's Cakes blog ...we're going to tantalize your taste buds and tempt your imagination with all of the scrumptious cakes throughout the year!

This first post will take you on a little trip through the rarely seen back end of the bakery, where the master decorators are slaving away at their trade. It gets sizzlin' hot back here in these summer months (our ovens are constantly turning out fresh cake to keep up with the orders.)

Here you see a rack full of smooth iced blank canvases, all ready for the us to transform into the gorgeous delights that Hansen's is known for.

You'll be seeing a lot of this guy, Tony, who has been an anchor in the decorative zone for decades. We keep everything clean (cluttered, but clean) and everyone wears a hair net to avoid any unpleasantness!

Tony is working on one of the popular scenic cakes. This baby features a beach scene...I'm guessing that there will be a plastic surfer in it's future!
This fellow, affectionately known as "Popeye" started here in the '80s. He works alongside his little brother Javier...we encourage nepotism here!

Somebody is going to have a heck of a 70th birthday. The cake has been sculpted (no molds used here!) and is ready to become a colorful part of a celebration.

I've taken the liberty to pop in to the giant walk in refrigerator that houses the cakes in progress, to share some sneak peeks with you. This cooler is so large that it takes up enough room to accommodate another store entirely (about 1500 square feet!) It's a great place to walk into on a hot summer day (we can use the excuse that we have to "work on one of the cakes!")

The top tier of a wedding cake is so special...we encourage brides to freeze the top right after the ceremony, to be shared on their first anniversary. Fortunately for us, most brides can't wait that long to eat the yummy tier, so they come in to order a fresh replica for the occasion.

Here is a simple anniversary cake. Most of our cakes are done with smooth butter cream frosting, as opposed to fondant. This is not to say that fondant icing is not available here to those who want it, it is just that the butter cream can give you the look plus provide that delicious flavor as well.

The frosted leaves around the flowers here are enhanced with gold foil leaves, to give a shiny embellishment to the overall look. Very elegant.

Moneybags have long been a fan favorite here. We use our own version of paper money, though many customers have been known to bring in fresh, crisp bills from the bank for us to add before boxing it up. We're also known for pioneering some other design concepts, such as the cake "box". Enjoy the eye candy!

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