Thursday, August 21, 2008

Design ideas...

Alberto (Popeye) "Hustled" to create this Disco-inspired design. The pristine mirrored ball is set on a false base so as not to touch any part of the cake that will be consumed. Somebody is going to be getting their groove on!
Always a favorite, Mickey makes for added fun on this Disney-themed creation. We love to create cakes that complete the party's feel...
Here is an Indiana Jones vignette, complete with a dimensional waterfall.

Deliciously adventurous!
A "Cheetah-licious" creation for a Cheetah Girls party...

...and a lavender bear to match the invitation for a baby shower. We like to add some familiar touches to our baby shower cakes...though the bear and roses are made of fresh butter creme icing, the little safety pins, clothes pins, baby bottles and bracelets are all plastic embellishments for the new mommy to keep. These may become favorite playthings of the child when it is old enough to play with them!

You can see that the wedding artists have been busy as well today. It is only 7:58 in the morning and they've come up with many fabulous creations already! The popularity of stacked cakes keeps growing, and tone-on-tone icing details are a trend that blossomed with no signs of fading. Just lovely.

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