Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happily Ever After...

Once upon a time, there was an open book. Well, an open cake book. We sculpt the cake into the open book shape, and use a special "comb" to create the pages. We let it set up in the chiller for stability, then let the decorator attack it with fairytales and romance.
We did a couple of these tomes this weekend; adding edible gold leafing to the tips of the pages, a magical castle, and an enchanted backdrop to finish off the story.

Here are a few other designs we thought you might like to see...

FORE! (Well, Forty, as least...)
The most coveted pattern in the land...
Can you imagine the joy we felt a few years back when the edible metallics were made available for our use?
Sparkle + Frosting + Delicious Beauty.

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